Christian Distinctiveness

Hope at the heart, making a difference…

Inspired by St Peter and the early community of Christians, we have a vision to work hand in hand for the flourishing of all.

We aim to deliver excellence in learning so that each person can contribute positively to the community. Through strong partnerships and shared values, we embrace everyone as they are.

With hope at the heart, we support each person to carry out the little actions that make a big difference.

Our vision is rooted in the experience of the earliest Christians after Jesus has ascended to heaven (Acts 1). This was a time of opportunity and challenge for this small community, which was beginning to develop its sense of purpose and identity.

In the same way, our school community has recently experienced a lot of change and challenge, and we are beginning to shape our renewed sense of purpose and identity. What inspires us is the way in which the disciples pull together in this moment:

“[t]hey all joined together constantly” (Acts 1.14) and the way in which Christians throughout the world reaffirm this through worship:

“[t]hough we are many, we are one body” (Service of Holy Communion).

We want each member of our school community to know that they are valued as part of this journey, just as God loves each person exactly as they are (John 13.34) and the early Christian community honoured and celebrated each of its members                  (1 Corinthians 12.18-21).

Although our school is small, we affirm that little actions can make a big difference. In this, we draw from the poetry of the Anglican priest and poet, R S Thomas:

I think that maybe
I will be a little surer
Of being a little nearer,
That’s all. Eternity
Is in the understanding
That that little is more than enough.