Ethos and Values

Our key Christian Values

At Harrowby, we believe and achieve to be the ‘best’ that we can be. We believe and achieve in all that we do, supported by our five Christian values.

H – Honesty

E – Empathy

A – Aspiration

R – Respect

T – Trust

If we have faith and belief in ourselves and our community, then God will guide us to be the best that we can be and we will achieve.  At Harrowby, out motto Hand in Hand We Learn, builds strong partnerships with home  to enable our Harrowby family to thrive and achieve their full potential. This achievement will mean that we lead the ‘best life’ we can and develop the Christian understanding of being part of Harrowby and our community.

We have high aspirations for our children and we encourage them to aim high while fostering respect and care for all.  We teach, support and encourage all of our children to achieve their dreams and successes by celebrating individuality together, offering engaging and varied learning opportunities but above all, enjoying all that we do together, where we value everyone in our school and wider community.

By providing an environment in which members of our community are happy, safe, challenged, motivated and valued; learning will flourish, Hand in Hand we will Learn, and we will achieve what we all believe we can do and what God wants us to do.

British Values

Alongside our five values, we will develop children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural education through the promotion of fundemental British Values. British values will be taught throughout the curriculum and further promoted during Collective Worship.